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All Parents need to have an ASCENDER Parent Portal account to complete the ONLINE Enrollment for all New Students and the Annual Registration for all returning students for Goliad ISD.  Guides & further information can be found under "Forms for Download" on the web page.  

Records Necessary to Enroll Students at G.I.S.D. 

To enroll a child in Goliad ISD, it is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to provide the following documents to the school. (furnishing false information is a criminal offense under Penal Code 37.10)

*Proof of Residency (property tax records/receipt; current rent receipt; current voters registration document or other documentation providing acceptable proof of residency)

Original Birth Certificate (or certified copy which includes a certificate number and is issued by the state must be provided for a student who is under 11 years of age (Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 63.019), passport or other document suitable as proof of the student's identity; see School Board Policy FD.

Current Immunization record signed by a physician. Immunizations, per Texas requirements, must be up to date with proper documentation prior to enrollment and attending class.

Most recent school records: Report Card and/or High School Transcript, Test Scores, and any Special Program documents.

Social Security card or State ID

Parent/Guardian's photo identification w/current address (valid driver's license, Military ID, or state-issued identification card)

Any court order in existence that pertains to the child (as applicable).

Kindergarten Registration: Children must be five (5) years old on or before September 1, 2020 to be admitted to kindergarten.  Parent/Legal Guardian must bring at registration proof of residency in Goliad County, original or certified copy of birth certificate, immunizations records, social security card for child, parent/guardians driver's license or legal ID and any court orders in existence that pertain to the child (as applicable). 

Head Start / Pre-Kinder Program at Goliad ISD: Upbring Head Start program at Goliad ISD is located on 142 N. Market St. behind the main Elementary School building. If you have a child 3 or 4 years of age and are interested in the Head Start/ Pre-Kinder program at Goliad ISD, please contact 361-645-3206 ext 8185 regarding qualification and registration in the program. 

Documentation needed:

Certified copy of Child's Birth Certificate;

Proof of Address;

Parent ID;

Immunization Records;

Social Security Card or State ID

Documentation needed to determine qualification for PK Eligibility:

Language Qualifier: Complete the District Home Language Survey. A Language test will be administered to the child to determine if the child does not speak and comprehend the English language.

Income Qualifier: Provide current paycheck stub, current tax return if self-employed or current TANF or SNAP eligibility letter. 

Foster Care Qualifiers: Verification Letter of Prekindergarten Eligibility from DFPS

Star of Texas Award Qualifiers: Copy of the resolution (certificate) awarded to parent of child.

Military Qualifiers: Verification of U.S. Department of Defense photo ID; Statement of Service; Copy of death certificate, copy of purple heart orders, copy of official letter from commander, copy of letter from U.S. Dept. of Veteran's Affairs, documentation that service member is MIA. 

Homeless Qualifiers: Complete the District Student Residency Questionnaire. The District's local homeless education liaison identifies the student as homeless 

Web Sites:

Upbring Head Start Preschool

State PreKindergarten Eligibiltiy

*Proof of Residency is required upon enrollment and  for annual registration.  Provide the school with a copy of your School Tax Receipt, Rent Receipts, or Utility bill. Goliad Schools Attendance Zone is Goliad County.

Students who live outside of Goliad County: Goliad ISD accepts non-district transfer students based upon the criteria set forth in the Goliad ISD Policy. (FDA-Legal/Local)  Students whose legal residence is not in Goliad County may apply for a transfer to Goliad ISD. 

NON-District Student Information:

Goliad ISD accepts non-district transfer students in grades 1 - 12 from surrounding counties. Student Transfers are approved for one school year at a time and all students must re-apply for transfer each new school year. 

New Transfer Student & Continuing Transfer Students applications are available for download from the Parent Portal link at the Goliad ISD web page. Select the tab "Goliad ISD Documents".

All Returning Non-District Students transfer applications need to be received at the District Administration office at 161 N. Welch St, Goliad Tx on or before TBA.

All NEW Non-District Students requesting enrollment to Goliad ISD must return the transfer application to the District Administration office at 161 N. Welch St, Goliad Tx on or before TBA.