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Charge Policy



Cafeteria Services

The district participates in the National School Lunch Program and offers students nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunches daily.  Free and reduced-price lunches are available based on financial need.  Information about a student’s participation is confidential.  Contact Brenda Gohmert at (361) 645-2364 to apply.


All Breakfast                                         $1.00

Elementary full price lunch                   $2.35

Middle/High School lunch                     $2.45


Adult Breakfast                                    $2.00

Adult Lunch                                         $3.65

All reduced (.30 Breakfast & .40 Lunch)

The district follows the federal and state guidelines regarding foods of minimal nutritional value being served or sold on school premises during the school day. 


Lunch Room Charging Policy

No more than three days of charged meals will be allowed per person.  Please contact the Food Service Department for extenuating circumstances.  If any change of income (including food stamps) occurs, please notify the cafeteria for necessary changes.

If students have charges of $10.00 or more, they will not be allowed to buy any al a carte until those charges are paid in full.  Also, if  students have charges of $20.00 or more, an alternative meal will be served.

Parents can monitor their child’s account by setting up an account at or they may contact the Food Service Department at 361-645-2364.