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Assessment has two major roles in Goliad ISD.  First, assessment is used to look for holes in student learning.  Second, assessment is used to guide the teacher’s instruction in the classroom.  No one type of assessment is capable of providing all this information, however, when different assessments are combined and results are disseminated, a complete picture of the education process can be obtained.  Although the STAAR test determines the district’s accountability rating, it is recognized that dependence on this one test limits the quality and effectiveness of the learning process.
Hence, educators in Goliad ISD will provide an array of opportunities to demonstrate mastery of curriculum.   These opportunities include grade level tests, unit tests, MAP assessments, ACT, SAT, and AP tests. 
The multiple forms and opportunities for assessment provide the educators, parents, and students of Goliad ISD with continuing information regarding the academic progress of students.  In turn, the ongoing assessment program provides administrators and teacher with the information necessary to make vital educational decisions in the classroom.