GISD Volunteer Opportunities

The following volunteers are needed:
Goliad Elementary School- contact Mrs. Huber to inquire and complete volunteer forms
1, Pictures - helping kids look their best and helping the photographer
2. Book Fair - set-up, sales, break-down
3. In classrooms with teachers to help with anything the teacher needs
4. Staff appreciation: ex. Snack Carts - Woot Woot Wagon
5. Color Run
6. Assisting to count money for fundraisers
7. Comfort Closet - Give-Away-Days
8. Help supervise students for fundraiser awards - if they sell so much they get a party of some sort
9. Chaperone field trips
10. Community Readers in school - we bring in people and have them read to kids
11. Watch DOGS (dads of great students)
12. Make copies for teachers
13. Mentors for our students
Goliad Middle School- contact Mrs. Fellers to inquire and complete volunteer forms
1. Campus Improvement Committee
2. District Improvement Committee
3. Community Action Committee
4. Fright Night (Fine Arts)
5. Student Events (Dances, Movie Night, etc.)