Covid Slide and GISD

Throughout this year, the GISD Curriculum and Instruction department has been working with the fabulous GISD teachers and principals to identify areas where our students have missed instruction and ways we can rectify these gaps in learning.
You will be happy to know that despite the increased learning gaps caused by the covid pandemic, teachers within GISD have been providing aligned tier 1 instruction that keeps these gaps from worsening while also intervening with tier 2 remediated instruction to address the areas of concern. There are some GISD students who may need even more support; for these students, our teachers are working individually or in small groups to provide targeted interventions or tier 3 interventions. We are seeing huge gains in GISD this year, and look forward to sharing how the hard work of the teachers, staff, and administrators of GISD has helped alleviate the impact of the covid slide in Goliad.
If you would like to know more about how Goliad ISD is supporting students who have identified learning gaps you can contact Dr. Enos at 361-645-3259 x5150.