GT Plus Parent Awareness Information/ Referral Process

GT PLUS Parent Awareness Information/ Referral Process

The purpose of the GISD PLUS Program is to provide the exceptional learner with curriculum both at an accelerated pace and at a cognitively more demanding level of difficulty. Acceleration may occur across time or across the breadth of discipline. The cognitive rigor of the curriculum is by design both challenging and acceptable to the learner. Math and reading provide the instructional focus and are supported by a multiple intelligence framework that emphasizes a hierarchy of thinking skills and a process to produce lesson design. The GISD program utilizes an interdisciplinary instructional delivery system that facilitates the advanced learner in the creation of original products and research.


If you would like to refer your child for the Goliad Elementary GT PLUS you may pick up a referral form in the elementary office or call the school for more information. The deadline for referrals is November 15th.


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